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My Dad Paul Bailey

Welcome to Stars and Stripes Gift Shop!

We are a family owned business based in the heart of New Hampshire. Our shop is unique in that we only carry USA-Made products. That's right!  If it's not made in the United States, we do not sell it. We are proud to support our local businesses, craftsmen and our US manufacturers - because when you buy USA-Made, you create USA Jobs!

 We are dedicated to keeping businesses here in the US growing strong. We thank you for doing your part by bringing more awareness to American industries as we rebuild this beautiful country we are so blessed to live in.

The first thought of opening a store selling only US made items came to me about a week after my Dad’s passing and the thought just never left my mind or my heart. It took almost a year before we started the process but once we started moving forward, my Dad’s spirit was with us every step of the way.


The LaValle Family

I could not have started this business without the support and love of my family & friends. Thank you to my wonderful husband who has loved and stood by my side for the past 20 years, my two beautiful children whom I hope to pass this family business to someday… whether they like it or not! 

​To my Mom who reminds me that strength in your faith and family always come first. And to my Gram who served in WWII - at 94 she can still do the polka!

As an only child, I am fortunate to have several close friends that I call family… too many to mention, but a very special thank you to one of my oldest and dearest friends Brooke, who spent several hours, days and weeks designing this web site. I Love you!!!! Last but certainly not least we need to thank our Veterans who have served our country so we can enjoy the Land of the Free that certainly has come with a very high price. To the past, current and future men and women who served our country, we thank you and honor you.

About Us
Special Thanks

Stars and Stripes Gifts, founded in September 2014, is dedicated to my Dad Paul Bailey who passed away in October of 2013. 

My Dad was my hero. He was the best Father, Husband and Friend that anyone could ever ask for. As a Lt. Col in the Air Force, he dedicated his whole life to serving our country. Passing away at young age of cancer due to Agent Orange exposure, he also gave his life for our country. He was a shining example of honesty, integrity, bravery and love.

In choosing the name for the shop, my husband and I thought of several patriotic names but all the domain sites were already taken. We were down to the wire and needed to pick a store name quickly. On my desk, I keep the Military coin that my Dad always carried in his wallet. As I was holding the coin, I ran my fingers across the stars. That’s when the name came to me. Stars and Stripes Gifts was born. Stars have had a very special meeting to me since the night of my Dad’s passing so I know in my heart this is the perfect name.